Leaders from across DCSD are invited to attend the Summer Summit: Leadership & Learning on July 29-30 at Legend High School.
Leaders can include: administrators, PLS, mentors, Building Leadership Team members, and teacher leaders. Opportunities for learning and collaboration will fill both days. This event is for DCSD employees only.

Tony Jackowski

Mesa Middle School, DCSD
365 North Mitchell Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104
An inspirational and transformational leader who works to create a strong culture of trust among teachers and staff. A hands-on principal that gets involved with all aspects of the building. An energetic and enthusiastic administrator with a broad range of experiences and one that actively listens to stakeholders. A leader regarding curriculum and instruction that looks to create a myriad of learning opportunities for faculty/staff in the way of differentiated professional development. In addition, detailed educational knowledge and core skills include:

Personalized Learning Approach / Data Based Decision Making / Parental and Community Involvement
Restorative Practice / Affective Education/ Inquiry Based Instruction / IB MYP Experience / Budgeting and Forecasting
Team-Building Focus / Project Based Learning / Curriculum and Instruction Implementation / IEP and 504 Plans
Extracurricular Involvement / Developing Collaborative Relationships with Companies and Organizations / Coached Employees and Worked with Human Resources on Staffing

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