Leaders from across DCSD are invited to attend the Summer Summit: Leadership & Learning on July 29-30 at Legend High School.
Leaders can include: administrators, PLS, mentors, Building Leadership Team members, and teacher leaders. Opportunities for learning and collaboration will fill both days. This event is for DCSD employees only.

Judi Hofmeister

Arts Consultant
CDE - 1580 Logan St. Denver, CO 80203
Hello, I am the Dance/Drama and Theatre Arts Consultant with the Standards and Instructional Support Unit at CDE. I am excited to be back in Douglas County Schools speaking on behalf of CDE's standards review and implementation. I am a 20 year alum of DCSD, I taught IB Dance, Theatre & Vocal Music at Douglas County High School. So I am excited to share all the good work that CDE is doing with teachers and administrators in DCSD!

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